At Rx Medical Marketing, we are strategic about helping your practice grow.  Here’s how we will do it.

Building Your Referral Network:

We believe that a strong network of referring physicians is key to growing your practice. That’s why we’re committed to helping you build this network. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so we’ll work with you to create a strategy that is tailored to your practice and will have a direct, positive impact on your medical practice.

Professional Practice Representation:

RX Medical Marketing will ethically and professionally represent your practice to potential referral sources, such as physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers.

Management of Physician-to-Physician Relationships:

One needs to establish and foster strong connections with potential referral partners to be a successful medical practice. Our physician liaison team is ready to assist you in developing and implementing the most refined techniques for maintaining good connections within the medical community to facilitate increased patient referrals.

Maintaining Constant Contact:

We believe in the power of communication. That’s why we maintain constant contact with your existing and new client referral base. We provide specific messages about your practice, target and sell your most profitable procedures, improve communication with referring colleagues to increase your patient base.

Additional Marketing Services:


Competitor Analysis/SWOT


Patient/Physician Satisfaction Surveys


Branding/Social Media Strategy


Marketing Collateral for your Practice


Special Events, Health Fairs, Open House, Speaking Engagements






Data Analytics

Referral Growth Strategies

Our group is dedicated to aiding physicians in enhancing their referral and income streams by building and sustaining their connections with fellow healthcare providers. We leverage our expertise to champion physicians and their clinics by focusing on a strategically selected list of medical professionals. Utilizing our marketing prowess and materials, we introduce and familiarize these targeted healthcare workers and their teams with the services provided by the physicians we represent, making repeated visits based on your specific requirements over time.

Management of Referral Source Relationships

We relate to the physician as well as the entire staff. We understand that medical assistants, nurses, and referral coordinators often play a critical role in referring patients to your clinic. They are also crucial in communicating any feedback regarding your practice and the services you provide to their patients. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, we ensure that this information is relayed back to you and your office.

Community Relations

Engaging and Maintaining Connection with your patients is vital.  We can help to elevate your practice brand by participating in local endeavors to achieve the greatest impact while being attentive to your marketing dollars.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

At Rx Medical Marketing, we’re convinced that a defined marketing strategy is crucial for achieving your business objectives. We’ll devise a monthly strategy to monitor and advance your practice’s goals.

Digital Marketing Services

Reputation Management/Social Media/Website/SEO- Our team can oversee your online marketing campaigns.  We collaborate with digital marketing specialists in each area to optimize your online presence. 


Educational Marketing Materials

The materials you share reflect directly on your practice. Our service includes creating practice specific collateral to effectively promote your services. 


How we do it?

1. Provider Relations Field Marketing:

2. Create a comprehensive Marketing Strategic Plan

We begin by either building from the ground up or reviewing your existing marketing efforts. By understanding your needs, we craft and deliver a detailed right-sized plan that resonates with your practice’s vision, mission, and fundamental values.

3. Digital marketing management

Our team can oversee your online marketing campaigns. We collaborate with specialists to optimize your online presence.

4. Additional Marketing Services

Custom design of all communications pieces for your practice- Collateral to promote procedures specific to your specialty, rack cards, biographies, referral pads, Insurance lists, alerts for use in the field.
Engagement in Community events & Networking Events – to elevate your brand in the community ensuring meaningful connections that foster growth.

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